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Great Things Happening for Friendly Acres Residents! Summer Landscape Update

Hello neighbors and happy summer! A huge thank you to all who have already contributed a Landscape Membership for 2023! Your support is so very important to us and the Friendly Acres neighborhood. If you have not yet enrolled as a Landscape Member for 2023, now is the time!

Did you know that our neighborhood relies solely on voluntary dues from residents to maintain the landscaping of common areas? When Starmount Company, the developer of Friendly Acres, relinquished the clubhouse and surrounding property, FANA was set up as a voluntary nonprofit corporation rather than the typical mandatory homeowners' association (HOA). Thanks so much to the generous efforts of neighborhood volunteers, we now have flowers brightening up the main entrance at New Garden Road, and the neighborhood is looking refreshed after trimming the hollies and working on all of the entrances over the summer. Our next project is to remove the old 120V lighting at the New Garden entrance and replace it with LED lights. As soon as the lights are removed, we will lay pine straw for this year.

Even with the enthusiastic membership response we’ve had so far, we need much more support. Please continue to share this information with your neighbors! New members can sign up via the Pay Dues page on the new and improved FANA website.

Have you seen the club lately? Wow! Pinetop Club, as managers of Friendly Acres Swim & Tennis Club, have been hard at work making many improvements to the property at 1800 Brassfield Road. Those much needed changes include removing dead and damaged trees and shrubs, removing plantings that were overgrown and unmanageable, and spreading fresh mulch. They have plans to put in replacement plantings in the fall once the weather is optimal. We can’t wait to see the new look! They've also made some enhancements to the pool, including repairing tiles and painting the deck, installing a new pump, and adding new vending with more snack and drink options. The coat of paint and new deck furniture have really made it a beautiful place to relax over the summer! We're amazed at the upgrades they’ve already made, and we hope you are, too!

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